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Freedom Under Attack

Posted by imfreenow on April 23, 2009

Simultaneously with hearing of Obama’s intentions of attacking freedom in various areas, such as the freedom to speak out against homosexuality in the pulpit,  I am getting attacked at work.  It is interesting that I recently got promoted, praise God!

I got a sort of promotion, as I got asked to do more administration work, which works out to more pay.  It also has produced new enemies, as there is a woman who is also older, who resents my having been given this position because she has been there a long time and doesn’t like to have me come along and have to answer to me, and has been giving me trouble.  It turns out she is a witch.  No kidding!  She looks like one!

And someone, maybe her, has complained that we talk openly about our faith at work.  “We” is me and the bible school students that they hired because they particularly want to go to a local bible school to hire people because they want the work ethic they get out of these students.  They want the work ethic but they don’t want the students to talk about the thing they are studying! Double standard!

My boss just handed out a memo yesterday stating that all religious and political talk must end!

This puts us in a box.  The one good thing about our company has been the freedom we have had to talk openly about faith and politics.  And there has been no heated discussions or upsets going on.  It seems someone just went quietly and complained – back stabbing us! Perhaps it was this woman, perhaps not.

In any case, the freedom I had at work is gone.  Please pray for me.  This was also the freedom I had to share my faith with those who seemed to be lost spiritually.  Now this will make it all a touchy area, and difficult to go about.

Pray that God will continue to open doors for me and the guys from the bible school.  (We have only guys because girls don’t do as well in the telemarketing. Only older women seem to do well at that.)

Thanks you guys.  I love your prayers!


7 Responses to “Freedom Under Attack”

  1. Helen said

    I’m sorry. That is rough. It is one thing to forbid prostyletizing (I know I spelled it wrong) someone who states that they don’t want to discuss it, but quite another thing to forbid people from talking about their faith at all, particularly if they share it. Sometimes a person may be just plain interested in knowing what you believe. It seems unfair to dictate that everyone’s freedom of speech be eliminated in order to make a few people more comfortable.

    • Lea said


      If someone wants to know what you believe, arrange to meet with them outside of work time to discuss it. None of us has unbridled freedom of speech at work. We’re supposed to be working.


  2. imfreenow said

    Thanks Helen. I don’t know where this is going to lead. The bible school students and I may leave, or we’ll find creative ways to go on talking about our faith. My biggest concern is sharing my faith with the people who don’t know Christ without getting fired.

    I just got promoted, and then I find new enemies in the “promised land,” i.e. a witch who is causing problems. It may be that I just didn’t know my management either. They may not care for hearing about God any more than she does.

  3. Lea said

    Gabrielle, I say this only to give you another perspective on the issue; I hope it doesn’t come off too harshly, but it is something I feel strongly about.

    Honestly, I get very irritated with people who preach at work, whether they’re preaching about religion, politics, or their pet hobby, charitable cause, or whatever. Most of us work with other adults, and we ought to treat them with respect. Part of that is not pretending to know what’s best for them. Instead, we ought to allow them the freedom to decide for themselves without our interference. In general, proslytizing doesn’t work, no matter what belief you’re trying to pitch to people. Imagine if a muslim were to prosletyze you regarding the merits of Islam and the need to convert! For most on the receiving end or prosletyzation, it’s a major turn-off, a put-down really, and usually reflects poorly on the prosletyzer and their cause.

    ISTM that the Christian thing to do is to obey the rules at work, and use work time to do the work we are paid to do — and not for other pursuits.

    • imfreenow said

      I appreciate your view on this and know what you mean. It’s just that we have students from a bible school, and the company goes to a bible school to look for employees. Don’t you think it’s a little hypocritical to want bible school students for their work ethic, but then don’t want them to discuss the things they are studying about? They just like to discuss among themselves, it’s not necessarily meant as proselytizing.

      Our company has been so free in this regard, until now. I actually doubt that the employees will be able to suppress the desire to talk about what they want. It remains to be seen. In my position, I have to be extra careful.

      But it’s really hard not to talk about what matters to you – and that’s not in an effort to convert someone – just to pour out your heart about things that really matter. We’ve always been able to do that.

      But I will keep what you have said in mind as I work, knowing there are those who feel as you do.

      • Lea said

        I understand where your coming from, but what if I’m Muslim and I have a number of Muslim co-workers, and we like to chat about how wonderful Islam is and what it has done for our lives? Let’s say we like to mention parts of the Koran that have we recently studied that had special significance to us, or how grateful we are for all Allah has done for us? Or what if we regularly discussed the goings-on at our mosque, the people there, who we liked, who annoyed us, what this one did and that one said, and so on? What if these conversations take place in an area where other people can hear? Don’t you think that might become distracting after a while to those who aren’t interested in Islam (or to others who are interested in it)? Do my co-workers and I have a right to keep on talking about these things that have nothing to do with work, even when others are distracted, or worse, annoyed by it?

        The fact that the company has hired other workers from the school who are good workers doesn’t mean they sanction discussions or chit-chat about the school or its teachings during work time. Have you considered that some of the problems that are arising might make the employer think twice about going back to the school when recruiting?

        Talk to your friends about personal issues and events outside of work — you’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict, and can enjoy lunch or after work get-togethers where you can spend more time on your discussions.

  4. imfreenow said

    Your opinion is well-taken!

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