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Eight Things Memo

Posted by imfreenow on April 23, 2009

I got this from Sherri’s blog.

8 things I’m looking forward to:

1.Warm weather that STAYS around. (I got this one off of Sherri’s list)
2.Finally going on a mission trip. It will most likely be with Cup of Cold Water Ministries.
3.Going swimming.
4.Meeting a bunch of my bloggy pals face to face! Oh yeah, it’s gonna’ happen! (I also got this off Sherri’s list)
5. Heaven
6. The smell of apple blossoms and other fragrant flowers
7.Camping out this summer
8.Some kind of vacation this summer

8 things I did yesterday

1.Read/commented on blogs
2.Prayed- for me and mine and for you and yours! (I got the first two from Sherri)
3.Worked- supervised a phone room, sighed when my overseer handed out a negative memo
4.Went to my cousin’s house and watched “Catch me if you can”
5.Gave the news to my mom that her handicapped friend died – Rosemary
6.Went biking
7.Talked to a friend on the phone
8.Read verses out loud pertaining to physical healing

8 things I wish I could do

1.Eat all I want and never exercise and still look amazingly fit and trim (like when I was a teen)
2.Be an awesome video production person
3.Heal like Jesus did
4.Play the guitar and piano really well.
5.Have sex
6.Have plenty of money to travel extensively
7.Go on mission trips
8. Sing enough to get my voice into top shape

8 shows I watch
(Hard one, because I hardly ever watch TV. But when I do…these are my favorites
1. Wheel of Fortune
2. Greta Susteren on Fox News
3. Sean Hannity on Fox News
4. Bill O’Reilly on Fox News
5. Masterpiece Theater on Public Television
6.Hallmark channel shows
8. Leno


3 Responses to “Eight Things Memo”

  1. sherri said

    Well, obviously we have lots in common! This was fun getting to know more about you.

  2. Guitarman said

    Thanks for the prayers!

  3. imfreenow said

    It was fun to get to know you better too Sherri, although the part about the food was no surprise based on things I’ve already seen/heard.

    Guitarman – prayer is what it’s all about! Got your back!

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