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I’m Shocked

Posted by imfreenow on November 30, 2008

This was started by watching the history channel about the origins of Thanksgiving and then we had a family discussion about the Indians and I was saying that the only thing that bothers me is the Pilgrims were supposed to be Christians and the white settlers were supposed to be Christians and the founders of America were supposed to be Christians and in Europe and england before America, the quest was to spread the gospel to pagans and savages like the Native Americas, but in North America, there was slaughter in order to make room for us. it has taken me all this time to find out this is not true!

My nephew, God bless his young heart, is a history buff. He began by studying at William and Mary college on the East Coast, until he had some problems and came home, some problems we’re working on – we’re not sure what they are (we thought maybe he was schizophrenic or something.) Anyway, he studies history extensively on his own, and knows it quite well. He has a grasp of early American history and of the Native Americans. Now my memory of what he said will be scant.

He was talking about the Aztecs, who were like the ruling tribe of Indians in pre-colonial days (they ruled the Indians north of them), and had a culture that he says no one should want to imitate. He says all they did was enslave and kill each other. They had this vision given to them by their gods that warring gods would go away to the sea and would return in a certain year and it was exactly the year that Cortez came over from Spain, a soldier who was just exploring and looking for wealth. He and his 50 men were able to conquer the Aztecs, who killed each other because they believed they were being killed as they had been promised they would be.

Also, the Indians north of the Aztecs mostly disappeared before the time the Pilgrims landed in North America. There were very few Indians living in North America. There was a lot of death brought about by diseases from the Europeans who came over earlier, before the pilgrims, to South America, and it spread.

There were some Indians killed, and certainly there was killing done for mercenary purposes by those who had wrong motives, but it wasn’t mass slaughter, certainly not genocide in the true sense of the word, and there were many peaceful white people living peacefully with Indians at the beginning, just as been told in the Thanksgiving story. Those are our beginnings. WE can be proud of that! Man, Lewis and Clark went all the way across North America with their group and none were killed. They were even helped by the Indians!

I was just so shocked. It’s as I had hoped it was. Our beginnings are so much more peaceful than what I always thought they were. Knowledge isn’t always sorrowful, as Ecclesiastes says it is. Sometimes knowledge brings the missing piece.

Important literature: Michael Medved’s “The 10 Big Lies About America.” There’s a chapter on this very thing.

Picture: My nephew a couple of Christmases ago


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Jesus Take The Wheel

Posted by imfreenow on November 29, 2008

Look at the picture above and you can see where this driver broke through
the guardrail, on the right side of the culvert, where the people are standing
on the road, pointing. The pick-up was traveling about 75 mph from right to left
when it crashed through the guardrail. It flipped end-over-end bounced off and
across the culvert outlet, and landed right side up on the left side of the culvert,
facing the opposite direction from which the driver was traveling. The 22-year-old
driver and his 18-year-old passenger were unhurt except for minor cuts and bruises.

I am correcting this story – it is not in Flagstaff, AZ on Hi 100 (as the email originally stated,) it is in Utah. See the Snopes account of this: http://www.snopes.com/photos/accident/culvert.asp

Now look at the second picture below…

If this guy didn’t believe in God before, do you suppose he believes now?

The pics shrunk way down from the email pics that were sent me – not good.

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Speaking The Truth In Love…..

Posted by imfreenow on November 27, 2008

or not speaking at all. I like to give my point of view. I like to tell people when I think they are wrong. I feel it is my moral obligation to say if something is morally wrong. And as I think back, the Holy Spirit is helping me to see how I have lost the point of doing this. We must speak the truth in love, or sometimes not speak at all, because we get lost in our cause of trying to be right and lose the cause of love.

Looking back, I can see where I’ve gone wrong trying to voice my opinion on blogs – and how in trying to defend my point of view, I lost the point.

“Words fitly spoken are like apples of gold in a setting of silver.” Proverbs

We will give account for every careless word, it says. I think that we can begin to give account for our careless words now, and get our judgment out of the way early (avoid the rush!)

I have been giving account for some careless words lately, and, realizing how God is saying: “that’s OK, I don’t need your all-seeing eye, scrutinizing everything everyone does, catching every little thing they do wrong. I am better at seeing what is right and wrong, and I can see further, even into the heart.”

Note: the idea “avoid the rush” comes from Burt Rosenberg who says “die early, avoid the rush.” That’s one of my favorite of his lines!

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Thanks For Praying

Posted by imfreenow on November 26, 2008

I want to take this time out for thanking my fellow bloggers who visit here for the many prayers that have gone up on my behalf and on behalf of those I have asked prayer for over the years that these two blogs have been active. This is in accord with Sherri’s idea of saying what we need to say to those who have helped us.

I want to draw attention in particular to one prayer that I asked for that has been so gloriously answered. I asked for prayer for my company where I work. Man oh man! Read here the state of my company when I asked for prayer.

Read here the almost immediate answer to prayer.You can’t believe it now. We had these older people working there who didn’t want to work – had no work ethic (one was a Democrat) and I thought they had some weird obsession with old people and were out of touch. Since then they have hired all these people from a bible school that is nearby, a school that my dad used to teach at, and these kids are hard working and awesome. The atmosphere because of them is so changed. I have a completely different view of my company. They have progressed. I know the owner better and have a good relationship with him. They are paying me pretty well and I have respect with the company.

They are still using telemarketing, but they are also using the young guys in other new forms of sales showing the ability to adapt. Needless to say, they seem to be doing OK financially. The illogical things are still there, but what they do that’s unkind or disrespectful (and thus bad for business) is minimal. I’m still praying on that.

I’m still praying for unsaved members of the workforce (who also happen to be Democrats-ha!.) But I am so amazed at the changes that prayer has wrought.

Also I have experienced so much power in prayer when I have been in crisis with manic-depression. My mania, now that I have cycled into a manic phase is at a minimum and I foresee total healing.

Thank you thank you body of Christ! Your value is unsurpassed!

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Are you a Bloghead?

Posted by imfreenow on November 26, 2008

Ok, don’t get the wrong idea. It’s not like being a pothead or a Deadhead. God forbid if it’s actually an addiction or an obsession. It’s borderline. But you don’t want to be a bloghead either. It gets a little scary.

You know you’re a bloghead when:

1. You can’t go a day without a blog entry. (You can’t go a day without the internet for that matter.)

2. You want to blog more than just about anything else.

3. You have a sitemeter and you watch it religiously.

4. When the sitemeter shows readership goes down, you are tempted to lose your focus on the reason you blog in the first place. Instead of posting from the heart, you begin to think about fanfare and how to keep it up. You think, “I’d better keep the posts coming.”

5. You get post writer’s block.

6. You visit hugely successful blogs such as “Stuff Christians Like” and drool over the number of profile views (over 40,000) and over the number of comments (sometimes over 200.) You compare yourself. You are diminished. You get jealous. You ask, “what makes his blog so successful?”

7. You start to think of newer and better posts to satisfy your readers – losing your focus (that you’re just expressing yourself and having fun.)

8. You visit other blogs you like and the question is answered, why he is so successful. You see the pattern in these successful blogs. Their writing is brilliant. They have all sorts of interesting topics and cover them thoroughly and intelligently. Soon you ask, “maybe, since they are covering all these subjects, no one needs my blog.” Sulk Sulk. (This is opposed to your megalomaniac moments when you think – “I have an awesome blog!”)

9. But then you end up saying, nah! I must blog and blog I shall!

I realized after this difficult self examination as a bloghead, that I need to blog because I do make valuable contacts through my blogging.

The things that matter, the things which unfold each day, can be shared with a much larger world outside myself.

I have asked people to pray and prayers have gotten answered.

Most important, I go the coffee shop to blog and make regular contact with familiar faces who work or socialize there.

Maybe a time will come when this chapter of my life will close, but for now it remains open.

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Seven Favorite Songs

Posted by imfreenow on November 25, 2008

I got this from Guitarman a while ago and just haven’t gotten around to this. My favorites are both all-time favorites over my lifetime and what is my favorite right now. Mostly, it’s my favorite right now because I get tired of old music and need new and fresh music. Apparently, so does God, because the Psalms say ‘sing a new song to the Lord.’ The Lord likes new songs.

Not necessarily in order of preference:

1. “Yes You Have” by Leeland

2. “Jesus Messiah” by Chris Tomlin

3. “Above All Else” by Wendy O’Connell

4. “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

5. “Who Is This” from the Breathe worship album – artist?

6. “He Knows My Name” Maranatha Singers

7. “Strong Tower” Kutless

If you liked this, consider yourself tagged

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Thanks to our Troops

Posted by imfreenow on November 25, 2008

A million thanks! This is a website you can go to to thank the troops. I want to focus on one member of the troops particularly, and that is David Pillman – son of my cousin, a marine who has completed his training and will be deployed soon to Guantanemo bay. He’s shown with his parents, his sister, and with a friend who he is going to be deployed with.

David’s progress and his faith in Christ are documented on his family’s blog – Pillman’s Progress.

To David and Tony: no words can say thank you for all your hard work and dedication, and for your willingness to give up your lives for us. Please pass this message on to your troop mates. God bless you!

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The Treatment Of Bush has Been A Disgrace

Posted by imfreenow on November 25, 2008

an interview with Jeffrey Scott Shapiro. At last – someone who sees Bush as I do! This guy, an attorney and investigative reporter, is starting a campaign to honor Bush. To email him and join the campaign, write him here: honorfreedom@gmail.com. I hope this is the right address. My mom got it off the radio. If not, I apologize. I’ll try it and find out.

Go here to read his article on the treatment of Bush.

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Matter Of Fact

Posted by imfreenow on November 24, 2008

This is a fairly new blog that I’m starting to visit regularly. Sherri is a big-hearted woman, a mother of three who has something interesting to blog about almost every day, and who is bright and upbeat. Her blog appeals to women, but men can augment their feminine side by reading her blog. She is a Christian and her blog will uplift and encourage you. I found her over at Stuff Christians Like where she wrote a comment, something about healing that interested me, so I tried looking into her blog and wasn’t disappointed.

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Russel Peters on terrorism

Posted by imfreenow on November 23, 2008

This guy is funny!

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Russel Peters – Show Me The Funny part 1

Posted by imfreenow on November 23, 2008

He’s an east Indian comedian who likes to make fun of his national origins as well of everyone else “evenly” he says – very funny guy.

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Why I’m Thankful

Posted by imfreenow on November 23, 2008

It’s the time of year for acknowledging our many blessings. I have only one that truly makes me grateful: that God has granted me the grace to know the truth. He has led me through a long journey (I will try to write my testimony sometime) where I have come to know and believe in Him – the ultimate source of light and love. Knowing Him is the greatest thing in the world, and to have been given that grace, and the grace to have written copies of His holy word to read whenever I need to, are very great.

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Ending Women’s Suffrage

Posted by imfreenow on November 21, 2008

College educated women….oh boy….!

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Election Analysis: America Can Take Pride In This Historic, Inspirational Disaster

Posted by imfreenow on November 21, 2008

I found this also over at Texas Rainmaker’s blog. It is a sensational piece of sarcasm. It comes from Iowahawk’s blog.

Although I have not always been the most outspoken advocate of President-Elect Barack Obama, today I would like to congratulate him and add my voice to the millions of fellow citizens who are celebrating his historic and frightening election victory. I don’t care whether you are a conservative or a liberal — when you saw this inspiring young African-American rise to our nation’s highest office I hope you felt the same sense of patriotic pride that I experienced, no matter how hard you were hyperventilating with deep existential dread.

Yes, I know there are probably other African-Americans much better qualified and prepared for the presidency. Much, much better qualified. Hundreds, easily, if not thousands, and without any troubling ties to radical lunatics and Chicago mobsters. Gary Coleman comes to mind. But let’s not let that distract us from the fact that Mr. Obama’s election represents a profound, positive milestone in our country’s struggle to overcome its long legacy of racial divisions and bigotry. It reminds us of how far we’ve come, and it’s something everyone in our nation should celebrate in whatever little time we now have left.

Less than fifty years ago, African-Americans were barred from public universities, restaurants, and even drinking fountains in many parts of the country. On Tuesday we came together and transcended that shameful legacy, electing an African-American to the country’s top job — which, in fact, appears to be his first actual job. Certainly, it doesn’t mean that racism has disappeared in America, but it is an undeniable mark of progress that a majority of voters no longer consider skin color nor a dangerously gullible naivete as a barrier to the presidency.

It’s also heartening to realize that as president Mr. Obama will soon be working hand-in-hand with a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard like Senator Robert Byrd to craft the incoherent and destructive programs that will plunge the American economy into a nightmare of full-blown sustained depression. As Vice President-Elect Joe Biden has repeatedly warned, there will be difficult times ahead and the programs will not always be popular, or even sane. But as we look out over the wreckage of bankrupt coal companies, nationalized banks, and hyperinflation, we can always look back with sustained pride on the great National Reconciliation of 2008. Call me an optimist, but I like to think when America’s breadlines erupt into riots it will be because of our shared starvation, not the differences in our color.

It’s obvious that this newfound pride is not confined to Americans alone. All across the world, Mr. Obama’s election has helped mend America’s tattered image as a racist, violent cowboy, willing to retaliate with bombs at the slightest provocation. The huge outpouring of international support following the election shows that America can still win new friendships while rebuilding its old ones, and provides Mr. Obama with unprecedented diplomatic leverage over our remaining enemies. When Russian tanks start pouring into eastern Europe and Iranian missiles begin raining down on Jerusalem, their leaders will know they will be facing a man who not only conquered America’s racial divide but the hearts of the entire Cannes film community. And those Al Qaeda terrorists plotting a dirty nuke or chemical attack on San Francisco face a stark new reality: while they may no longer need to worry about US Marines, they are looking down the barrel of a strongly worded diplomatic condemnation by a Europe fully united in their deep sympathy for surviving Americans.

So for now, let’s put politics aside and celebrate this historic milestone. In his famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial 45 years ago, Dr. King said “I have a dream that one day my children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Let us now take pride that Tuesday we Americans proved that neither thing matters anymore.

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How Obama Got Elected

Posted by imfreenow on November 20, 2008

I found this at Texas Rainmaker’s blog. Unbelievable!

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Definitely, Maybe

Posted by imfreenow on November 20, 2008

Starring Ryan Reynolds and ever-present Abigail Breslin – who is very cute and hard to argue with.

I liked this movie because I like Reynolds – he is great as a father, and can’t help but be a more innocent type of guy despite himself. He starts out with more abstract relationships and more chaos, but with the help of a daughter who comes from an attempt at marriage, he finally figures out who it is he truly loves.

Because it’s Hollywood, they depict him as a man campaigning for Clinton. Of course, he couldn’t be a Republican, that just isn’t done in Hollywood! So, I forgive Reynolds for being a liberal, and I also have to remember that I too fell for Clinton.

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Jesus Messiah – Chris Tomlin

Posted by imfreenow on November 19, 2008

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What Do We Do About Sin?

Posted by imfreenow on November 19, 2008

What is our remedy for sin? 1st John 1:9 says if we confess our sins he is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Here is an article on how the blood of Jesus cleanses us from sin.

Sometimes you have to go back to God over and over, confessing, because the sin doesn’t seem to go away, but you don’t give up, knowing that God has promised to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

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Reinhard Bonnke on Divine Healing

Posted by imfreenow on November 18, 2008

He is an evangelist, from Germany I believe, who talks about divine healing. He is divinely inspired by the Lord. He draws huge crowds in Africa to his services where many come to Christ, and are also healed and raised from the dead. His study on healing here.

Here is an article that talks about how people turn to faith for healing in places like Africa.

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an E-card from Penny

Posted by imfreenow on November 17, 2008

Go here.

In reply: Thank you so so much. You speak my own language – cats. I didn’t properly respond to your last correspondence. I agree with you – they will come after us. It is in the light of voice of the Martyrs, and persecution, that things become clear, and I think we become more united. So, dear sister, cling to our Lord, and nothing else.

The thing that has bothered me about Obama is the cultish fervor for him – like a rock star, and it’s not healthy.

We must look to Christ. But I know you know that!

I hope all is well.



Penny‘s response:

Yes, people all over the world are excited about Obama becasue he does not promote fear and hatred. He is just an averege guy that worked his way up from poverty and adversity. Becasue he is a black man that has a family, an education, a clean reputation and no criminal record or scandals associated with him a lot of people have tried to demonize him. People have made up so many lies and rumors about him. Many I recieved in emails from Christians. They first tried to make him a Muslim..that did not work. Then they tried to make him a racist…that did’nt work. Then they tried to make him out to be non-patriotic..that did’nt work. Then they tried to make him out to be a Socialist…that did’nt work. Any reason one could find to justify their own fears was acceptible and believable. And any candidate, no matter how ill informed or ignorant was acceptible and preferable by many. But he prevailed in spite of all that because many of us were so turned off by the level fo lies and racism that this campaign took. I don’t believe McCain is a racist but he was forced out of desperation to pull out all stops. That is the Republican Base, not McCain. The McCain that gave the speech conceeding the race is the McCain that most people knew. But the level that was stooped to by Hillary and McCain appealed to the sentiments of the lowest of our society.

4 teens jumped out of a car in Brooklyn yelling Obama and beat this black kid with baseball bats. That is the kind of people all these lies have stirred.

When the country was all excited about Reagan no one thought that was cultic. But because Obama is black and many people are excited about him people think he must be the anti-christ. Becasue people cannot find any real reasons to hate him…they either create some or are all too willing to believe whatever someone says.

I think “Talk Radio”, and Conservative Evangelicals have been some of the most aggregious at this and I am almost ashamed to call myself an evangelical anymore but this is familiar. Its the same as when black people as a whole was scorned and good Christians went along with it..all the while praying and worshipping on Sunday in and among themselves.

I have no allegiance to any political party and I think that rather than being so involved in the political process we as Christians need to be trying to exhibit the love of Jesus Christ. You cannot legislate morality… Only Jesus can save a man or this country..not government.

We as Christians are not prepared to change the world, we have to first change our own hearts.

My hope is not in Obama, never was… my hope is in Jesus Christ.

I think Obama is a the kind of Christian that we are were at once….having made a profession of faith in Jesus but really not haven matured in the faith. I have seen no one in our government that I percieve as a mature Christian. I do see some that are using evangelicals as leverege. And I see Evangelicals prostituting Christianity and naievely buying into this.

It is like the Word of God says about the anti-christ..and the lie. “Even the very elect will be decieved”.

I pray for our government and all of our leaders. You cannot in my opinion attain a very high position and be a an authentic mature Christian without compromising and you can’t remain there without doing the same. It’s the nature of the world we live in. No one can come into power unless allows it, and no one can remain there unless God allows it. I am working on fixing my own flaws and weaknesses…this country I leave to God.

My response:

I am working on my flaws too. All I could think about on election day was that I have to work on my forgiveness issue. I have a deep root of un-forgiveness and bitterness, a besetting sin that God revealed – I didn’t even know it was there! I thought I was OK! So, I have been going to work on it, wondering about a long fast (I’ve only done 24-48 hour fasts so far. Almost did a 72 hour fast.)

I think that’s the reality for Christians is getting the sin in the camp out. We have had a lot of sin in us, and it makes us a bad witness. The widespread acceptance of Harry Potter isn’t good, the rampant divorce and fornication isn’t good. And I’m not pointing the finger at you, since I know you’re divorced, because I know divorce has shaken down marriages where people were sometimes “sleeping with the enemy” and God has intervened to remove his child from that situation.

But we need to look inward right now in a big way, because the liberal God haters are moving towards persecution in this country and we need to fight with the weapons of righteousness, not weapons such as hate and retaliation.

I knew that you were looking to Jesus, and when I said that I was only reinforcing that reality.



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